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From documentaries to games, immersive content makes learning fun!

3D Eye Solutions conversion technology can support education by converting older DVD video content libraries to deliver content for use with 3D capable DLP projectors. 3D Eye can convert existing or new educational content which will enable the flow of 3D content to school systems around the globe.

As a Texas Instruments DLP® Partner for 2D to 3D content conversion for DLP 3D ready projectors, we encourage the use of 3D technology in the classroom. Studies have shown that students tests scores improve with 3D technology in the classroom.

3D Displays
3D Eye Solutions auto-stereoscopic displays will heighten the viewer’s visual experience without the need for 3D glasses or special eyewear. Our displays use lenticular lens technology because it allows for full brightness and contrast. This technology allows us to present a distinct image (left and right view) into each eye of the viewer. From that point, the viewer’s brain takes over processing in the same natural way it would when viewing images in the real world. The effect is a representation of natural perception... images lift off the display screen as you look through a window of 3Dimension.

3D Eye Media Players
3D Eye Media Module (node/player)
3D Eye’s integrated hardware and software solution, The media module is the 3D turnkey solution for the plug and play individual. Our 3Di player software has the capability to play in real time 3Di format or 3Dmp4 media in a 3D Auto-stereoscopic display. In 2D mode, the media module will play traditional content with virtually no loss of resolution. The module is streamlined and can be mounted on the back of our 42” display or positioned out of the way.

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